Notes from the Pastor – April 2021

As the season of Lent has drawn to a close we embark into Eastertide and a new journey.  The Christian Year always moves forward – always pointing us toward the Good News!  The Christian Year begins with Advent, a time of preparation for Christmas.  It moves forward to Ash Wednesday and a forty-day period of Lent, a time of self-reflection in preparation for Palm Sunday, Holy Week, and Easter.  Then Easter comes and we step into a new journey, this one toward Pentecost and the celebration of the gift of the Holy Spirit.  The Church Year is the repetitive reminder of the whole gamut of God’s love.  It is the story of our transformation in Christ.

  • Christ is promised
  • Christ is born
  • Christ walks upon the earth
  • We remember the “we are dust, and to dust shall we return”
  • We repent of our sins
  • Christ suffers and dies for those same sins
  • Christ rises from the dead and promises the gift of the Holy Spirit before he ascends into heaven
  • The Holy Spirit fills us and we go into the world to make disciples

Yes, it is a repetitive reminder.  Still, like our celebration of the Lord’s Supper every week, this reminder never becomes dull, rote, or trivial.  Let us celebrate Easter and let us move toward the reminder we are filled with God’s Spirit and sent into the world to do the work God has called us to and set before us.

Pastor David