Notes from the Pastor – September 2020

Most of you probably have no idea that you wrote my article for this month.  My first Sunday here, I asked a simple question: What are your hopes for Central Christian Church.  You response was overwhelming.  I want to share those hopes – your hopes.  Some of them were very similar, so I edited a bit, and combined some.  But your hopes are all here.

      • I hope that we can continue to deepen our faith by finding new ways to serve our community. I hope that we can help lead Great Falls to become a kinder, more compassionate place where all can thrive and feel welcome.
      • More food/snacks. Youth activity increase.
      • To grow in faith, love, and compassion. Work in the community. Find new ways to serve God.
      • I hope we continue to be an inclusive church remembering All Means All.
      • Continue to be a missional open and affirming church. Grow in membership.
      • Social justice action & growth. Intellectual growth. Challenge to move in a positive way out of our comfort zone.
      • To continue on our Christ-led path.
      • Continue to be an open and affirming church. I want everyone to still be open to talk to our pastor. I am looking forward to this new growth. Thank you.
      • Keep doing Zoom worship online. We can only be present once or twice a month. Continue to stay on the liberal side (theologically) of the aisle.
      • Continued spiritual growth. We are an outreach church but have not had a new outreach challenge for a while. Continue to be a generous church, monetarily, and spiritually.
      • I hope we continue to grow into a deeper spirituality – perhaps learning new prayer types from other traditions (i.e., Native American, contemplative, etc.). I hope we are able to be a voice of the helping to get at the history and roots of racism and do something to begin eradication and healing of ethnic/racial division.
      • Reach and serve people in Great Falls that we have not even thought about yet.
      • To maintain our forward movement as a congregation and find our new mission and direction.
      • Be more involved in LBGTQ issues since we are an open and affirming church. Reach out to folks who miss church. Have more social gatherings when we can.
      • More diversity in the congregation. Continue Open and Affirming Mission with even more LGBTQ members. Group participation in BLM events.
      • My hope is we can all get along, and all be treated equally: All of us are important.
      • To thrive and reach a broader community. Thank you, Pastor James, for accepting the call to be here.
      • We continue our worship as is…also our values.
      • More traditional music and praise band. Everyone welcome.
      • That the focus of the church is broad, not narrow.
      • Being a church family again, once the coronavirus hopefully is gone.
      • Continue to grow in faith and practice spiritual practices. To “see” how to help others in real life and God. Learn more about being the church in the world.
      • A trust in our church that will carry through with a deeper knowledge of who we are and who our church could be.
      • Continue to grow in faith, including acceptance for all people. Support David James and have success in finding a permanent replacement. Enjoy fellowship.


    Pastor David